The Beginning of University of Miami Football 
1926 - 1936

Before competition even took place on a freshman level, plans for a 50,000-seat on-campus stadium were proposed in 1926 by the school's first president, Dr. Bowman Ashe. Work began on a temporary, 8,000-seat structure on campus, but one day later, on September 17, 1926, a hurricane leveled much of South Florida, killing more than 130 people, damaging over 10,000 homes and shelving plans for the stadium.

Due to the storm, classes started late and it wasn't until October 23 that UM played its first game: a 7-0 win over Rollins in front of 304 spectators. The season included two wins over the University of Havana, with a Thanksgiving Day game in Miami and a Christmas Day meeting in Cuba.

The first varsity competition came in 1927 and coach Howard Buck guided the Hurricanes to a 3-6-1 record with a 39-3 win over Rollins in the first game.

Miami first road victory
J. Burton Rix, who had coached at Texas and Southern Methodist, arrived in time for the 1929 season and Miami's first varsity road games. The team traveled via the city's private car, The Spirit of Miami on the Eastern Seaboard Railroad.

Miami's first intersectional game
An indoor contest against Temple University in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was Miami's first intersectional game and the UM players presented their opponents with coconuts prior to the contest; in return Temple handed Miami a 34-0 defeat. Also that season, the Hurricanes played one of the nation's first night games on October 31, 1930 game vs. Bowden College in Miami.

Hurricanes First Bowl
UM entered the bowl business, upsetting Manhattan in the Palm Festival on January 1, 1933, at Moore Park in Miami. The next year, UM went 5-0-2 but lost in the Palm Festival to a Duquesne team coached by Elmer Layden (one of the famed Four Horsemen of Notre Dame).

Beginning of the Famed Orange Bowl
UM plays Bucknell on New Year's Day following the 1934 season in the Wooden Bowl. A halftime parade that included an orange-colored bowl was the humble beginning of the famed Orange Bowl extravaganzas produced by Seiler.

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